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TOPIC: Item issues in the Consolidated world

Item issues in the Consolidated world #1693

There must be other users out there using Synergy in consolidated mode. Please help me understand how you manage your items. If you enter items in one of the back office databases and use the XML import for items to get them into Synergy, how do you retain Synergy specific data elements? In other words, I create the item in the Macola ES back office but not all the fields for items that Synergy uses are exposed there. So after I import those items to the consolidated database, I need to go make changes to the items in the consolidated database to add additional information (like a picture or that the item uses a specific request type for purchasing or shopping).

What happens to that data I entered on the items table in Synergy when I do a subsequent import of items? Do I lose that data?
Ann Roos Hayner
Omaha NE
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Item issues in the Consolidated world #1705

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This is some thing I will be working on to as I will be moving to consolidated at some point currently I have 2 companies that are using seperate sysnergy's
Keep in mind the back office Data is different the Sysnergy data for items is housed in a different table "Items"
Not sure how it will identify the Item other than its LOC or Warehouse.
I mean if I have Widget A in Company 1
and Widget A in Company 2
and Widget A is the same item it works great

but what if Widget A is different, in one company then the other ?

Do you then get Widget A(1) Company 1
Widget A (2) Company 2 ?

I am interested to know how it goes.
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