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TOPIC: Post 7.6.400 Issues - Sharing Outcome

Post 7.6.400 Issues - Sharing Outcome #702

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We observed the following after updating from 7.6.300 no service release to 7.6.400 this AM, hoping Progression Dev team reviews this and can fix it in next service pack. So far it has been a pretty good install but we are still checking all the modules, below is some of the issues we have observed.

- Noted install took a long time to install .NET Framework 2.0.
- Some users were suddenly given modules they were not issued prior to update. This seems like a serious flaw as it could effect security of manufacturing process's.
- Visual Menu Builder seems to be out of synch with displaying what module a user should have access to. Shows up in Red in Visual Menu Builder but it appears as a listed available Module to the user. Noted this was reported way back in 2004 on Support Site. Have had to go in and use the Customize Module function and remove the module manually.
- Help About, User list no longer prints out list of users and errors out. This was handy to generate a quick list of active users.
- Was hoping 7.6.400 added the ability to print out a NON-Cobol report of all users with the Modules and sub entries they have access to. SOX, HIPPA and FDA are looking for this info when they do Audits. I am aware of a Consultant has written a Crystal Report that does this, why can't Macola provide this?
- Holding off in using the new Encrypted Password Module till this is fixed.
- We are still wading thru validation of all the modules and are fingers are crossed. So far this is all we have found and we appreciate the better quality of this update over past updates - Thank you!

- Enjoy the new Search Functionality and the Calendar feature.

Does anyone know if I need to update all users screens to receive all the new features? Or is this done automatically? We do use Designer.

- Still wish they incorporated and uninstall for the Client, this would save time if you had a bad install on a workstation and needed to rerun install.

- Hoping a more automated update process for the workstations, an MSI file would be nice. We secure our systems pretty tightly and do not allow a normal user to install software, would think most Companies are doing similar tightening, having and MSI install would allow a quicker automated deployement using Active Directory.

Have many others updated to 7.6.400? Good or Bad experience?
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