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TOPIC: Marketing Sources - Tracking in Opportunities

Marketing Sources - Tracking in Opportunities #2576

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Synergy Enterprise 249
Non-Production, testing.

Currently, we are demo-ing Synergy Enterprise 249 with converted data from eSynergy. One of the key areas we need as an organization, is better reporting and data mining, on our Marketing Campains and sources, nothing of which we use eSynergy for currently. So, I'm testing the waters to see what Exact has come up with in SE.

I have made several dozen sources (testing) in the Marketing section, and I'm trying to figure out how to put them on the start of an opportunity, or even the first request on one of my Sales Cycles (Qualify Opportunity). I understand how to edit the request, and place fields in the request, but nothing from the Marketing module allows for selection of fields when editing a request type.

My ultimate goal here, is to track when we have a Campain, and what opportunities did we have (Win or Lose) from that Campain. Even if the campain is entered in as a source, I'm ok with that. But can't see how to add the Source Field selection to a request type.

I do see, however, in the Customers section under Opportunity Management, a "Souces" list that I can edit, and place the oppotunities there instead, but I dont know if that is the "correct" spot for this, if I want to properly report and track "how many oppotunities came from Sales Conference 2013" or "How many opportunites came from our new Brochures."

Any suggestions? What are other people doing?

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Marketing Sources - Tracking in Opportunities #2591

  • aral
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Hi Rich,
In Customer Setup --> Opportunity management -->Sources, you can create your personal sources. In the opportunity card, you have this field, and you can do reports with the source values by Pivot Analysis (Customer Reports --> Opportunity management --> Pivot analysis)
I recommend this field for "Statics source" or "Repeated source", like "Cold calling, Existing customer, Trade fair, Mailing....".
If you work with Campaigns, is better to use the project to work and to analise the results of the campains.
For example:
1.- Create a Parent Project "Campaigns 2013", and two children "Sales Conference 2013" and "New Brochures"
2.- Each project children will be a different campaign, and you can search account and associate them with the campaigns through "Accounts: Search" and after to do a mailing, create a letter, create a request, create an opportunity... to each account but in batches. This funcionality simplifies the work
You can do reports with Opportunities Pivots where you will filter by project
I hope to help you... Sorry for my english
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Marketing Sources - Tracking in Opportunities #2592

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Hello Rich,

Like Lara, I suggest the use of Projects for tracking your Marketing Campaigns. When you do a mass mailing, a workflow request can be created (using the event manager) to each of the accounts, linking them to a specific project. This information could be inputted from an Excel spreadsheet / Event Manager upload.

This request could have a status on it, which can be manually updated until the account says "Yes" or "No" and a reason for their decision can be added. The Request is Not Processed until the final decision is made. The Opportunities in Synergy Enterprise can be overkill for some accounts, so you may wish to review the requirements while in a test environment.

A SRS report (placed on the Account Card (visible at all times and not through a hyperlink) can show all marketing campaigns / Activities for this account. Other SRS Reports can summarize the results of various campaigns, reasons accounts are not agreeing to promos, etc.

One of our customers (in Synergy Classic) track their involvement of their sales staff at trade shows. They participate in about 200 per year and gather sales / cost information from Macola ES to help them determine the value of each individual activity.
Dave Kloepfer
[url=http://www.synergyexpert.com:2v9xq3t1]Tips, Tools & Manuals[/url]
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