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TOPIC: ESE - Account Security

ESE - Account Security #2549

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Unable to restrict view to accounts per division while still being able to see orders.
Anyone have a solution?

ESE (246-249) with multiple divisions (and corresponding back offices – Macola ES) using interconnect
Account # 1 in division 1
Account # 2 in division 2
Resource # 1 in division 1
Resource # 2 in division 2

Out of the gate all resources see all accounts and all orders on all accounts (this is the issue – need to restrict view of accounts and orders to the division level)
To restrict the view of accounts from other divisions than the user - turn on: Customers - Setup - Other - Settings - Account - Security: Check – Roles
Now Resource 1 can only see Account 1 and Resource 2 can only see Resource 2 (works as intended)
However when you then use the Monitor item of Orders (interconnect) no data is returned now (here is the problem)

Exact Support:
States this is by design. This flag does two things – restrict the view of accounts to the division level and restricts the view of orders to the account manager.

Desired Affect:
Restrict view of accounts and orders to the division level.
Taking this a step further: Allow for access rights to the account (and everything for that account) at the division level, a different role. Then further allow for access rights to various roles based on content (ie. financial, orders, documents, requests, etc).

Why this is important/issue:
Security Flag Set:
Only resources in the same division can see accounts (good)
Only account managers can see orders – salesperson’s of each address cannot see orders (bad)
Security Flag Not Set:
All resources can see all accounts and orders (bad)
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