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TOPIC: Synergy Compatibility with Safari

Synergy Compatibility with Safari #2423

  • Rush Duncan
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Does anyone use Synergy with Safari? We are running Synergy Enterprise 248.

We have a portal set up for access at the Partners Level (2) which includes account cards. The level 2 users who are on Safari are not able to view the buttons on the account cards (ex. sales orders.) When logged in at the internal level (10) the account card buttons are working properly. Can anyone shed any light on why the account card buttons are not surfacing at the Partners level?

Related to the above - we are having trouble getting Safari to prompt us for the Synergy username and password (so we can log in as the level 2 user.) All signs point to going to Tools > Preferences > Autofill and clearing the boxes but even after doing this it still logs us into Synergy using the existing username and password. Any Safari users know where it is storing the username and pasword for Synergy and how to clear it?

I believe that Internet Explorer is the only officially supported browser for Synergy - but isn't Safari quite popular in Europe?!? You would think a lot of the customer base for Exact Europe would be using Safari??

Also, I see a lot of questions being posted in this forum, and a lot of views, but not a lot of answers. Is Exact still moderating this forum? I just noticed at the bottom of this new post screen Exact Software is not responsible for answering questions listed on this forum. If you have specific support issues, please go to the Support Center at 1.800.468.0834. Is this the new policy? That Exact users can only depend on each other for answers in this forum? I haven't seen a moderator post in a while...
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Synergy Compatibility with Safari #2439

  • timkiel
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Within CRMAccountCard.aspx, for the various sections, there is occasionally an attribute of the cardsection element that assigns allowclient="Windows".
Upon removing this attribute the section is now visible.

Modified from:
<ex:cardmonitor runat="server" id="csMonitor" caption="Monitor" captionid="225" showheader="False" allowclient="Windows">
<ex:cardmonitor runat="server" id="csMonitor" caption="Monitor" captionid="225" showheader="False">
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