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TOPIC: Add Workflow hyperlink to Project

Add Workflow hyperlink to Project #2340

  • pabond
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Hi everyone,

We use projects fairly extensively to capture many things but most importantly, we use them for our CAPA system. We have a Process Flow that is generated and saved into the CAPA folder but it is a multi step process and prone to error. I was wondering if anyone ever tried to add a hyperlink to the Project card so that the link could say, create a process workflow? Having the ability to customize the project cards would be very helpful.

Paul Bond
Cybersonics, Inc.
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Add Workflow hyperlink to Project #2341

  • wynohrad
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Creating the link is the easy part. Go to project - workflow - new and right click on the request you want. There should be a copy link address. It will look like this:

[url=http://portal/synergy/docs/WflSelectRequestFields.aspx?BCAction=0&Type=95&ProjectNumber=2011TR]http://portal/synergy/docs/WflSelectReq ... ber=2011TR[/url] (for synergy enterprise)

Where to put the link is harder. I think there is a way to make one of the free fields into an html link. I know this was possible on the request itself, but it was a bit tricky. The info on how was either on the portal or in a user meeting for synergy. Unfortunately I dont remember the source, but dig in the portal and you may find it. If you do, post if for all to see.

You might try looking through the forum too. It may be there too.
Tony Wynohrad
Business Director
Gamma Vacuum
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Add Workflow hyperlink to Project #2353

  • Dkloepfer
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You can modify the Project Card to place additional buttons (using the SDK by a Reseller or Exact, unless you have the full SDK License) or by modifying the ASP Page (save an original just in case Exact makes changes) Using that link could allow you to create a specific request type or create a custom ASP page with the information that you need to begin your process. Adding these buttons is not a difficult proposition. We use it to help us place time by a resource against a specific Project when they are on the Card.

For the hyperlink on a Project Card, without customizing the card, I do not believe it is possible. On a workflow request, you may enter a url (with length limitations) into a Free GUID field) , but there are none on a Project Card.
Dave Kloepfer
[url=http://www.synergyexpert.com:2v9xq3t1]Tips, Tools & Manuals[/url]
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