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TOPIC: Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns #94

  • shamilton
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Can anyone offer some insight into how I could go about using e-synergy for marketing campaigns.

I want to be able to take a group of contacts, give them each 'something' so that I know I sent 'X' mailer to them, and be able to report on those contacts (what flyers have been sent, when a marketing campaign will end and a new flyer should be sent, etc..)

I tried projects by doing an account search and then taking those account and using the MARKETING button to associate them with an account. It worked of course but I do not know how to say "I sent this flyer to this CONTACT of this ACCOUNT"


Steve Hamilton
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Marketing Campaigns #98

  • PKramer
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I would take a look at using a Request/workflow to track this. Based on what you are looking for it sounds like a good fit. With the flexibility of the workflow you can:
- link it to Accounts
- link it to the specific Contact of the account
- link it to Projects
- Set the date sent (start date)
- You can use the pivot analysis reporting to see breakdowns
- From the contact card see all of the promotions requests linked

Here is what I would recommend for creating this request
- create a "Marketing" workflow Category (if you don't already have one)
- create a request type "Promotion"
- You can have it generic and then create projects (or items) for each promotion
- Or even create a specific request type per promotion ("Summer 05 Promotion")
- Make the account & contact mandatory
- Make the request type one step (so no one needs to approve/realize)

Then you would then go in and create a request record attached to the contact for each mailer that you sent out. If you plan on sending a large quantity of them and you want to automate the creation of these requests then I would look into using Event Manager to mass create these requests.

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Marketing Campaigns #120

  • SLeete
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Paul has the right approach of using workflow to track the actions in marketing campaign. I would add the following suggestions:
    You can assign the same request to multiple accounts by using CRM search and then selecting the request button.
    I would also save a template of the CRM Search so that you could use it for each action in the campaign.
    I would also set up the marketing requests to allow for the selection of an item. Set up each marketing piece as an item as well in e-Synergy. This combination will allow you to do pivot charts and other reports regarding the campaign and specify the pieces used.
    Don't forget the power of the Office Add-ins when creating marketing pieces as well.

Good luck and wishes for great success in your marketing.

Scott Leete
Presales, Principal

Exact Software North America LLC

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