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TOPIC: Task Scheduler Backgroup Job Script

Task Scheduler Backgroup Job Script #936

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Greetings all, I'm new on the forum and will likely have many dumb questions as I support our new ES/Synergy install. To offset what is likely to be a poor ratio, here's a script I wrote to create the synergy background maintenance jobs on a machine that isn't hosting the database ('cos otherwise you'd use the SQL script). This is also handy for changing the account information used to run these jobs without having to manually go through each one.


:I wouldn't suggest hardcoding the account info into the script.

set /p account="Service Account: "
set /p password="Password for %account%: "

:Customize these variables for your environment:

set synpath=C:\Program Files\Synergy\bin
set tempdir=C:\Temp
set exchangelog=C:\Logfiles\Synergy\SynExchangeLog.txt

:Customize commandline options for each job:

Schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 60 /TN HRBgJobs /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\HrBgJobs.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 60 /TN HrMail /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\HrMail.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE% /MP:%TEMPDIR%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 30 /TN RPFinancialCheck /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\rpfinancialcheck.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 30 /TN BacoImport /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\bacoimporter.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 30 /TN BacoExcelImport /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\RPExcelImport.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 30 /TN BLProcess /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\BLProcess.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 15 /TN SynergyExchange /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\SynergyExchange.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE% /E:HAL /M:0 /L:%EXCHANGELOG%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 10 /TN CustomerStatus /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\BLCustomerStatus.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 10 /TN CustomerStatusDaily /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\BLCustomerStatus.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE% /M:1" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC MINUTE /MO 5 /TN ExactFullText /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\ExactFullText.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /ST 00:00 /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC DAILY /ST 01:45 /TN CustomerRating /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\CRMRating.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC DAILY /ST 02:00 /TN CompressAttachments /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\CompressItemAttachments.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE% /DP:%TEMPDIR%" /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC DAILY /ST 01:00 /TN Loghandler /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\Loghandler.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE%" /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC DAILY /ST 01:00 /TN BDScheduler-Counter /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\BDScheduler.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE% /C:Counter" /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"
schtasks /create /SC DAILY /ST 01:10 /TN BDScheduler-Picture /TR "\"%SYNPATH%\BDScheduler.exe\" /S:%SERVER% /D:%DATABASE% /C:Picture" /RU %ACCOUNT% /RP "%PASSWORD%"

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