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TOPIC: Issuing Letter/Faxes from Synergy

Issuing Letter/Faxes from Synergy #865

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Our users have been very frustrated with the letter/fax writing capabilities of Synergy. We're coming from a system that provided one-click letter writing with full header/contact support and on the fly content, but have found the Synergy options very bulky as some of you may well know.

The process as it stands involves very time consuming data entry and multiple pages as opposed to a system that allows you to choose a company, a contact, a header template, and open for word processing. Options available now provide some of this but then fail to allow on the fly content, only prefab content is streamlined in this way.

We have spoken with several Exact customers who have experienced the same frustration and have submitted a request for product improvement (16.403.263.) to streamline the letter writing process.

Since we are unsure how long it will take to see the improvement we requested put in place, we wanted to learn what the broader group of companies on this forum have done to work around Synergy's limitations. What 'best practise' approaches you've developed for your users. Have you custom built an enhancement, found an easy workaround, used a third-party solution?

As we explore our options we'd like to hear what others have done.
Lucien Piekut
Armour Valve Ltd.
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Issuing Letter/Faxes from Synergy #866

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THis may not apply to your situation but here is how we get around some of that.
We have some leads from our website that we import using event manager and we have a request generated with their inquiry. We then create mail merges from I have various mail merges set up to answer common inquiries as well as a "blank" mail merge with just the Greeting, the field "remarks: workflow" and Closing. The area that allows customization is the field remarks: workflow - you can also use the field remarks: request.

Since you do not already have a request to work off of - this sounds like it may be too much work for what you want but maybe you can spin this off a request you already have - like a sales call or customer service call request.

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Issuing Letter/Faxes from Synergy #878

We're using Word with the Office Add-in and having no issues writing letters to individual accounts or groups of accounts. There's full support there for creating hard copy letters or emails and it's fairly easy. Maybe I'm not understanding your frustrations? Please let me know and I can show you our technique.
Ann Roos Hayner
Omaha NE
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