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TOPIC: esynergy logistics and project management

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was curious if there were users out there with practical knowledge of the esynergy logistics and project management packages with regards to functionality as compared to other programs more specifically offered for those functions.
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klb - In my experience, the short answer in most all of e-Synergy's areas, is that feature for feature it doesn't offer everything you'll get in a standalone package. It trys to offer value by linking the areas together.

That said... I don't know much about Logistics-specific packages, but the main things I see from e-Synergy logistics are the ability to see your Macola item info outside of Macola, to build browser-based catalogs for employees, customers, dealers, and to associate "other" information with those item records (see "linking" comment above). For example you can link marketing lit and MSDS sheets as documents, and product complaints and sales forecasts via workflow.

Similarly, the projects area doesn't give you the same Gantt charts and task dependancies that MS Project and others do. It has a similar, but weaker planning calendar that does give you some nice totals on planned vs actual hours and dollars. Its main strength is linking the people, documents, customers, and activity with a project. Giving the proj mgr oversite and reporting, and the participants a quasi- collaboration tool.

Just my opinion. Others?
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Consider using items for Literature and documents to link to Customers also. You could have a separate "Catalogue" for your Sales Staff and set it up as a Webshop. They could "order" Literature which would kick off a literature request to have the fulfillment resource send the literature to clients.

Another excellent example of using items instead of documents would be clients that provide warranties for their products. Set the warranty up as a serialized item instead of a document, then you can set the active and end dates for the customer's specific warranty, attach the serialized item to the cleint. This way, you can also monitor via reports for warranties that are about to expire, etc.
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