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TOPIC: Ideas for upgrades to e-Synergy

Ideas for upgrades to e-Synergy #454

  • lipmanl
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Fellow Users: Please respond to each suggestion (yes, no, or yeah, but if we...). The Exact folks read this forum and it should become a major conduit for evolving e-Synergy to meet all of our needs.

1. Provide for mass deletion.

2. Provide a system switch that would require any document that required approval for creation to require approval for deletion.

3. When the results of a search are returned, clicking on a column header should reorder the results; clicking again should invert the order. This is exactly how Explore works in Windows.

4. We should be able to require that a specific type be used to create a specific kind of document (main cat, cat, sub cat).

5. We should be able to move docs as a result of a search (mass but selectable move). The current options are one at a time or everything within a subcat at a time. We should be able to select like we can select emails in any email client, then move or delete them or whatever.

More ideas to follow.

Lee Lipman
Election Systems and Software
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Ideas for upgrades to e-Synergy #466

  • SLeete
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The idea of requiring document types in interesting. But it is really working in reverse. I think document types are a neglected area of Exact e-Synergy by most users. Part of the reason for this is that it was developed after document categories and more importantly, until Batch 360 you were unable to create new groups for the customer types.

Document types can control many aspects of the document including what category(ies) it goes into, layout, who can create the documents, you even have ability to define selection criteria for accounts projects, etc. And paramount to all, document version control, and check in/check out of documents are all controlled by type.

I would promote setting up a broad range of document groups and types. Encourage your users to select the type of document and then all the default parameters flow from there.
Scott Leete
Presales, Principal

Exact Software North America LLC

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Ideas for upgrades to e-Synergy #617

  • ultrav375
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I agree with most of your suggestions.

1. This is one I feel a little uneasy about - as long as there are safeguards, I agree.

2. Makes sense - YES

3.I keep clicking to sort just by force of habit - emphatically YES

4. Haven't needed this - could take it or leave it

5. Yes - I have needed to do thus multiple times
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