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TOPIC: Projects and document security

Projects and document security #263

  • sharonfd
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I have a project with 20 people associated to that project. I have documents that are linked to the project and are denoted as security 101 so only those people linked to the project can see the documents. 3 of my people in my project can not see the documents through a search. I can not figure out why it would work for some people and not some others. Any clues on what I have done incorrectly?
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Projects and document security #264

  • KellyC
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Hi sharonfd,

Of the 20 users related to the project, please check the following:
1. are they all active resources vs. resellers/customers?
2. are the 3 users who can't see the documents in different divisions? If so, please check that the documents are not also related to a specific division in addition to the link to the project

Best regards,
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Projects and document security #271

  • PKramer
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The reason for this is the design of the document search. Since e-Synergy is designed to store large quantities of big documents the table quickly becomes very large. Thus search on documents can be very slow as the table grows.

Because of this, the search on document security level was set so you could only see documents that were at your security level or lower, no overrides (except where you are the creator). Thus the only people who can see a document in the search where the security level is 30 say are people who have security level of 30+ or the creator. Even if you have a document administrator role you will not be able to see the document in the search if it has security level higher than your security level. Thus the only person who I would expect could see the document in the search, when it is created at security level 101, is the creator.

Even though the other people in the project cannot see the document in the search results does not mean that they cannot view the document content. If you link that document in a request, or that project member goes to the project and clicks on the documents link they should be able to click on the link and view the document.

Again, it was designed this way so as to keep the searches quick. Since you can have multiple projects per employee, and multiple documents per project, to have the application search through all of these combinations to find documents which should be displayed, overriding security level, would unfortunately slow down the document search when you have large numbers of documents.
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