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TOPIC: SynergyExchange across domains

SynergyExchange across domains #1884

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I'm really hoping someone can help me with this, I can't seem to get it working. First a brief description of our setup:
We have 2 separate Windows 2003 domains. A.com and B.com which have a trust between the two sites. Each domain has its own Exchange 2003 mail server. Synergy (and Globe) are setup in A.com and users from both domains can connect without any issue.

I am trying to setup SynergyExchange for both domains. I have it working for A.com as a Scheduled Task on our IIS server in the A.com domain. Everything is working as far as authenticating against the A.com mail server and Synergy.
I’ve also creating the same Scheduled Task for B.com on IIS, pointing to the B.com mail server and Synergy. Both environments are the same except now, IIS needs to connect to the B.com mail server. The error I get is the following:

[START] /S:sql.A.com /D:107 /E:EX01.B.com /L:C:\SynLog\Log.txt
[ERROR] Failed to logon to mailbox of HPADAM. Error code = -2147219963, error text = [Collaboration Data Objects - [MAPI_E_NOT_INITIALIZED(80040605)]] (-2147219963)
[INFO ] Resources: 1, appointments created: 0, appointments updated: 0, appointments deleted: 0, requests created: 0, requests updated: 0, requests deleted: 0, contacts created: 0, contacts updated: 0, contactpersons updated: 0, addresses updated: 0
[END ] /S:sql.A.com /D:107 /E:EX01.B.com /L:C:\SynLog\Log.txt

I have made sure that the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) is installed on the B.com mail server so I don’t think that’s the issue. The scheduled task is also using a domain account that is valid in the B.com domain and has the correct mailbox rights on Exchange. I can login to the B.com domain as this user and open all mailboxes as 'send as' that user.

If anyone can give me some guidance, I’d appreciate it!
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SynergyExchange across domains #1898

  • ddozer
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You indicated that the exchange job is being called from IIS. I' not sure that it will solve the problem, but it might be worth re-configuring the job and running it from your exchange server in B domain. This way you can at least determine what side the error is happening on. It may be worth reinstalling the CDO components as well....
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